Corymbus is a website of articles and essays with the aim of illuminating classical music for a diverse audience – a source of informative, high-quality writing that is free to all.

The name Corymbus comes from a movement title in the Piano Concerto by Edmund Rubbra (1901-86). With its roots in Greek mythology and botany, the word symbolises two of the motives behind the website: to shine a light on riches in the classical repertoire, and to explore the connections between music and other fields.

The belief behind Corymbus is that classical music can play a bigger role in public life, and that writing about music has a role to play in bringing that about. The aim of the site is to feed curiosity, celebrate variety and diversity, and give thoughtful perspectives about what music has to say.

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Simon Brackenborough, founder and editor of Corymbus.

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