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Fantastic blog from Corymbus, with lots that music educators should think about and discuss with their students’ Alison Butler, music teacher and PhD student.

‘What a simply brilliant, and immensely illuminating, article. Thank you.’ – Tom Gauterin, conductor and music director of Bristol Classical Players.

‘Well done on creating Corymbus… great to keep classical music alive & to enable people to learn more about it’. – Ninchini, composer.

‘Brilliant, thoughtful new blog … great stuff’ – Bernard Hughes, composer.

‘This, by Corymbus, is great on rediscovering neglected music and neglected nature.’ – George Monbiot, Guardian columnist and author.

‘An absolutely fantastic article on Ruth Gipps’ – James Turnbull, oboist and founder of Ensemble Perpetuo.

‘Great article about Malcolm Arnold’ – Charles Hazlewood, conductor and broadcaster.

‘This is a wonderful piece on the great English Hymnal’ – Jonathan Mills, writer.

‘A fascinating post by Corymbus on illness & creativity in music’ – Terri Windling, writer and editor.

‘Another excellent article – this time on medieval carols & lullabies – on Corymbus’ – Stuart MacRae, composer.

‘Discovered the excellent Corymbus website and enjoyed this particular article very much’ – Colin Hoad.

This is absolutely fascinating on Lord Alfred Douglas after Oscar Wilde from Corymbus’ – Eleanor Fitzsimons, author of Wilde’s Women.

‘Really interesting on the ondes Martenot and Messiaen from Peter Asimov for Corymbus’ – J.P. Robinson.

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