Patron Posts

I’ve been thinking that I haven’t been utilising Patreon nearly as well as I could. I have a handful of lovely, generous patrons on here who I’m very grateful for. But as an etheral blogger, I’ve never been able to think of any particularly meaningful patron rewards to give out. 

However, I’m thinking that perhaps one reward I could offer is using the patrons-only post feature here to provide some extra content (‘extra’ in both senses of the word…). This would perhaps be more informal in tone, and contain a round-up of interesting cultural things, personal thoughts, news on the site. Basically, anything I think is worth sharing, but presented here as a little something to say thank you, and a little extra incentive to new potential patrons.

I will probably be experimenting with this idea soon. If you’re a Patron, watch this space! If you’re not, well, you know how you can change that 🙂